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Watch FIFA World Cup video on PSP, iPod and mobile phone


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FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 is coming on. I love World Cup. I love football match.
And I also love football stars.
I want to enjoy the wonderful World Cup video clip on my mobile phone. And I found a powerful software which can convert all popular video formats of the football matches to 3GP, 3GPP, or MP4 etc. suitable for mobile phone.
What the software are interested me is that it supports PSP, iPod, MP4 Player and mobile phone. I believe that it must be popular with the users who owes PSP, iPod, MP4 Player and mobile phone.
I am excited.
I would like to share the wonderful World Cup moments with you!
I like the interface very much. It is very clear and easy-to-use.


I wrote a guide for how to use this software. If you have any better suggestion or idea, I like to discuss this with you.

Firstly, you can free download YASA 3GP Video Converter and run it, and then follow me.

Step 2: Click "Add Files" button to load soccer video.

Step 3: Click "Output Profiles" combo-box to select the main output format suitable for your PSP, iPod, mobile phone, MP4 player and other device:


Click "Output File format" combo-box to select the sub-category of the output format

after choosing the main output format:


Step 4: Choose an output path:

Final Step: Start to convert soccer video clip to PSP, iPod, MP4 player or mobile

OK. You will convert the soccer video clip to PSP, iPod, MP4 Player and mobile phone with fast speed.


Tip 1: You can limit the output file size and set certain a figure:


Tip 2: It supports clip or segment conversion. You can convert any clip or segment by setting the start point and duration at your will. For example, if you want to convert a clip from 00:02:00 to 00:03:20, you can set "Start time" as 00:02:00 and "Duration" as 00:01:20


Tip 3: You can edit label for this file:


I love it very much.
I hope that it will be helpful for you.
Enjoy the most wonderful World Cup Germany 2006 right now!