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Take an Easy Way to Unlock Windows 7 Password


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There are usually questions in computer forums asking how to unlock windows 7 password like this:

Q1: What is the best way to unlock my windows 7 password?
Which software is good for my purpose and what is it likely to cost?
Q2: A friend of mine had set a password on my windows 7 system. I was unaware of that and he is not here right now with me. He left for vacations with his family. So I am unable to contact him anyway. I need to access in my pc. So is there any possibility for me to remove that password or change it?

Nowadays, Windows Password Unlocker is not only works for personal or business purpose, it is also used to uncover criminal evidence. Actually, password unlocking method is not as complicated or difficult as you think, you can unlock windows 7 password by yourself easily. That is, to get an effective windows unlocker password recovery tool.

Unlock Windows 7 With Windows Password Unlocker

Windows Password Unlocker is much easy-to-handle for computer novice to reset Windows password after you have already forgotten your password without a password reset disk at hand.
Step 1: Download Windows 7 Password Retrieval Software, install & run it on a computer that can access to as administrator. Don't forget to insert a CD into the CD-ROM.
Step 2: It is optional for you to choose to reset local account password or domain administrator account password as long as you choose the correct version.
Step 3: Specific your target device—"CD/DVD" and Click "Burn" to start burning bootable CD.
Step 4: Insert this CD onto the computer which you desire to get back the password. And start it with CD.
Step 5: Specify the Windows installation. For resetting Windows 7 administrator password, directly type the new password; for resetting local account password, highlight the certain user name and click "reset" to remove password.
Step 6: Restart your computer by simply clicking on "reboot". Your new password has been reset.

Are you interested in unlocking windows 7 password? Free download windows password unlocker right away.