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Speereo™ Voice Reminder released. 4 Windows Mobile devices.



By releasing Voice Reminder, Speereo™ Software UK bridges the gap between Dictaphone with its ability to save large amounts of voice information and an Organizer with its rich functions of time planner.

Speereo™ Voice Reminder can automatically inform you of various types of events such as meetings, appointments, calls, etc. It is controlled by speech commands. It will take you just several minutes to get used to the interface. Advanced functions are also available at any time.

Mr. Maleev, CTO: "There are dozens of PIM's & Organizers out there on the Software Market. They tend to evolve to more functional yet complicated applications. But only few developers take advantage of speech recognition capabilities. ХХI Century will be the break-through century for Speech recognition. The deal is in allowing users to set free from unnatural means of input, like styluses and keyboards. Not many companies dare to do so”.

Now you can set up any arrangement for any day in your calendar and attach a voice file and never be afraid that your recording may get lost somewhere among other files. Later you can listen up to your voice comment and easily recover all the details: when you hear the note with your unique intonation the program will virtually take you back to the time it was recorded. Every single thought you had then will come back to your mind to revive an entire picture.

Unlimited reminder length allows dictating as much information as you need. Enjoy your newly obtained free time by avoiding the mess with small keyboard or stylus – just talk!

15-day Trial is available for evaluation purposes. The program is compatible with all Windows Mobile devices.

Free download from: http://www.personal-secretary.com/download