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Siemens Information and Communication Mobile (Siemens mobile) launches the MC60 – a party proof phone with an integrated camera, color screen, two-click picture messaging and great looks.

Launched today in, Moscow - one of Europe’s hottest destinations - the Siemens MC60 is designed for outgoing consumers who socialise non-stop. An easy-to-use integrated camera will capture an image at the touch of a dedicated button, and you can display your images on the high quality 4K color screen. With only two clicks you can capture and send an image to friends fast - saving precious party time.

When it comes to self-expression, you can adapt the MC60 to match the latest fashions, thanks to a range of front and back CLIPit Covers and exchangeable keypads, designed to reflect the latest trends. With a distinctive X-shaped design, the MC60 comes equipped with funky polyphonic ring tones, imaging applications and games so you can further personalize your handset. A massive range of logos, ring tones, games and applications are available for download at

Rudi Lamprecht, member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and President of Siemens Information and Communication Mobile explains: “All over Europe, young people are partying, clubbing and communicating with each other non-stop. It is their way of life. To help them socialise, they want a phone like the MC60. It looks cool, is easy to use and - thanks to the camera – lets you instantly capture and share moments with friends, creatively, 24-7. Socialising is fun and the MC60 celebrates that.“

The MC60 comes with a wide range of Siemens Original Accessories. Besides the fashionable CLIPit Covers with exchangeable keypads the MC60 accessory portfolio offers a number of in-car solutions for optimum convenience. They include a voice controlled Car Kit Professional Voice, a Car Kit Comfort that comes with a two-part modular cradle to easily adapt to most Siemens future mobile phones, a flexible Car Kit Portable, a Basic Car Pack as well as Mobile Holders and Car Kit Upgrades. For added convenience Chargers, a SyncStation, Data Cables, extra Batteries and a practical Tour Case are also available

The MC60 weighs 86g and is available in Aquamarine, Titanium and Grenadine. The phone will be available across Europe from September 2003 and in Asia-Pacific and Latin America at a later stage this year.




MC 60

Triband: EGSM 900/GSM 1800/GSM 1900
GPRS: Multislot Class 8, Coding schene 1-4
Internet: WAP 1.2.1 parts of 2.0, integrated (fax)modem
Java: Yes, MIDIP1.0
Dimensions: 109x46x21
Volume: 88cm³
Weight: 86g
Standby: Up to 250 hours
Talk time: Up to 300 min
Battery: Li-Ion 700 mAh
Charging time: >2h for 100%
Antenna: integrated
Speech Codec: EFR, HR, FR, AMR
SIM: Plug-in (3V)
Display: 4096 colours, 7 lines, 101x80 px
Storage: 1 MB available for Content (MMS, pictures, sounds etc.)
Cover: ClipIt exchangeable Covers
Camera: integrated, 352x288, jpeg
Resolutions: QVGA (320x240), QQVGA (160x120), CIF (352x288), QCIF(178x144)
Ringtones: polyphonic (16)
Voice: Hands free, voice command, sound recording
Tools: Organizer, PC sync, photo aplications for editing, wallpapers, games, screensavers



hmmm. nur schade das keines Irda oder auch BT hat ziemlich entäuschend, auch was das Display angeht.

Gibt es dann noch keine Fotos von der integrierten CAM bzw. Rückseite des Handys??


Bluetooth, what´s that`?? So oder so ähnlich hört es sich immer bei der Vorstellung von Neuen Geräten (seitens Siemens) an. Den "Trend" scheint Siemens nicht6 mitmachen zu wollen, schade eigentlich um die netten Geräte...



na wunderbar! Eine Kameralinse vor der sich ganz toll der Staub sammeln kann! Danke Siemens für dieses wunderbare Feature.

Stefan Fritzenkötter

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Ich hatte die Gelegenheit mich mit dem MC60 auseinander zu setzen.
Im ganzen ist das MC60 nicht die 6 im Namen wert. Es sind einfach zu wenig Neuerungen enthalten. Farbdisplay und Cam reichen nicht.
Folgendes ist mir dabei aufgefallen:
- Display nutzt nicht die 4k Farben aus
- Icons sind nicht mehr so schön und schlechter animiert.
- Steuerkreuz ist durch eine einfache Wippe ersetzt worden. Die Bedienung im Hauptmenü ist dadurch zum Kopf schütteln.

Alles in allem ein Schade.