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Neue version von Jimm: 0.5.0 (ICQ fürs Handy)


Neues Mitglied
Hallo alle zusammen!
Von Jimm (ICQ fürs Handy (J2ME)) gibt es eine neue Version (0.5.0).

Download unter www.jimm.org.

Änderungen(in englisch):


* NEW FEATURE: Popup window when message arrived (optional)
* NEW FEATURE: Configurable hotkeys
* NEW FEATURE: Connection via HTTP possilble
* NEW FEATURE: Jimm can show contact client info.
Also Jimm is specified as JIMM client for other ones.
* NEW FEATURE: Classic chat (text at top and edit area at bottom). For SIEMENS2 build only
* NEW FEATURE: Safe login (MD5 login). Strongly recommended if socks-proxy is used.
* NEW FEATURE: Support for several accounts (max. 3 accounts are allowed)
* NEW FEATURE: Jimm can open URLs from messages in phone browser
* NEW FEATURE: Text templates
* NEW FEATURE: Typing notifications
* BUGFIX: Jimm sometimes crashed if was restored from flip on Motorola phones
* BUGFIX: There are no more echo errors after errorous connections
* BUGFIX: Jimm stoped login when received offline message from unknown contact
* BUGFIX: Flag "no auth" was not stored in RMS
* BUGFIX: Sometimes chats disappear after reconnect
* BUGFIX: Contact status was wrong after adding contact
* BUGFIX: Contacts renamed in Jimm with non-ascii letters were shown incorrectly
in other ICQ clients
* BUGFIX: Jimm should disconnect properly when selecting exit from the main menu
* Possible to quote big messages (no more than 4kb)
* Contact name which consists of digits is renamed automatically after
requesting user info
* Deleted ability to send URL message as it is possible to send URLs as text
* Added possibility to save stored history to file (on SIEMENS only)
* Rewrote Connection handler to be more modular and better readable
* Now Jimm works with touchscreen (only for MIDP2 build)
* New language system is done. Language strings are stored in *.lng files now
* Now chat is filled with five last messages from history when opened (optional)
* Text from user info can be copied
* Removed creeping line as there were too much bugs on some mobile phones
* Menu "Minimize" is shown only on sony-ericsson phones
* Options are now compartible between Jimm versions (will be imported from 0.2.0 on)
* Pressing red button on Nokia phones will now end Jimm in a cleaner way
* Internal data handling for ContactItems rewritten (should consume less heap)
* Login time, online time and idle time can be seen on Information page
* Code optimized for lower memory usage
* External IP of contact are shown in client info
* Status of temporary contacts and contacts awaiting authorization is shown
* Improved dialogs for deleting chat and history (it is possible to delete
current item, others items or all items)
* It is possible to select full screen for contact list, chats etc...
* New Option "Time" to setup time zone
* Status of contact are shown in the caption of chat in fullscreen mode
* Contacts groups management is extended. It is possible now to rename groups and
to move contacts between groups.
* Traffic Screen is now also using TextList for displaying information
* Traffic now counts additional GPRS headers to be hopefully more accurate
* Configurable "User-Agent:" header for HTTP-Connection to make Jimm work with
services which require special "User-Agent" when using HTTP.
* New util JLFT - "Jimm Lang File Tool" for easy comparing and changing Jimm .lang files

mfG Andreas Rossbacher