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neue Modelle S700 & Z500...


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Re: neue Modelle S700 & Z500...Beschreibung leider nur in Tschechisch

hier die Pressemeldung in Englisch:

Sony Ericsson today presented its first EDGE phone, its first mega-pixel camera phone, and its first phones with push-to-talk capabilities.

March 9, 2004
The S700, available at the end of this year, features an integrated 1.3 mega-pixel camera and a 2.3 inch 262K TFT color screen. The Memory Stick Duo extends the phone's memory capacity to fully support this new style of mobile imaging.

The S700 is the result of close cooperation with Sony's camera experts. The terminal's camera mode is instantly activated when the camera lens cover is opened, turning the screen into a viewfinder with a familiar still-camera graphic interface. It is also possible to stream and record video clips. The 180-degree swivel design lets users use the phone in three ways. When the phone is closed, it is possible to view messages, browse menus, and make calls. Turned over, the phone takes pictures just like an ordinary camera, while the open phone allows easy texting or e-mailing. The three-way design lets users get the best use from every phone application.

Hiroshi Yoshioka, head of Sony Ericsson's GSM/UMTS, said the S700 would revolutionize the phone market by introducing cutting-edge mobile-phone technology from Japan to a new group of users. "The phone's superior features show that Sony Ericsson is committed to driving the market forward by using the unique strength of its Japanese business divisions," he said.

Sony Ericsson also unveiled its first EDGE phone today, the Z500. The phone has push-to-talk-over-cellular (PoC) functionality, which allows two-way radio-style communication. It will be available in the Americas during the third quarter of this year.

The Z500 supports Class 10 EDGE for sending and receiving data. Class 10 will be the fastest EDGE solution on the market. The Z500's built-in VGA camera can be used for recording still images and video clips. The 65,536 color display is ideal for enjoying images as well as viewing streaming video, which is made easier and faster by EDGE.

When the Z500 is closed, its external color display serves as a viewfinder, a Picture CallerID display, or a text-message display.

The push-to-talk capability in Sony Ericsson phones is made possible by a cooperation with Sonim. And because the phones are based on the PoC standard, they have the interoperability and compatibility required to provide user-friendly services that work across networks and with different handsets.

Sony Ericsson's new K700 camera phone will be on the market during the second quarter. It features dual fronts: one for the phone features and the other for a true camera experience, inspired by by Sony's digital cameras. The phone also has a built-in FM radio.

The camera has a digital zoom and Photo Light to improve the quality of pictures taken in dark environments, such as nightclubs and cafes. The K700 has 32 MB of built-in memory to accommodate the multimedia functions. It can store up to 450 images, making it an ideal personal photo album.

Sony Ericsson also presented the T237 and T637 phones for the American market. The triple-band T637 is the American version of the successful T630, available in European and Asian GSM markets. It will also have PoC technology and a dual front (phone side and camera side).

Sony Ericsson also has a new range of EDGE cards, accessories and hands-free solutions. A Bluetooth media viewer was also presented today. The latter, called the MMV-100, can be used to share images with families and friends or as a lightweight business accessory for slide shows. Images and audio are transferred from the phone at the press of a button


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wenn interesse besteht kann ich mal die tschechischen artikel übersetzen, ich kann nämlich tschechisch


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besteht noch interesse an der übersetzung? denn durch die cebit gibt es ja mittlerweile genügend infos

oder zweifelt hier jemand an meinen tschechisch kentnissen? :D