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Neue Firmware 4.03.18 für 6630!


Neues Mitglied
eine neue FW fürs 6630 steht in den Startlöchern:

Changes/improvements e from MCU SW v to v 4.03.18:

- Telephony:
- 2-digit voice mailbox numbers supported (e.g. “*30”), earlier minimum
was 3 or more numbers
- GSM AMR voice codec supported
- Behaviour improved when Call Control and FDN is activated
- Operator name display functionality improved
- USAT Mobile originated Short Message Control supported
- USAT Send DTMF supported
- Terminal now responds also to unsupported SIM ATK commands to ensure
running toolkit application can continue running allthough some spesific
commands would not be supported
- Handling of SIM phonebook with additional numbers (ANR) improved.
- Handling of long SIM ADN contacts (up to maximum 30 numbers) improved
- Terminal can better handle USIM phonebooks with differing sizes of ADN
- Interoperability with specific RAN infrastructure improved
- Phone behaviour improved when performing ISHO
- Phone behaviour improved in weak field conditions when performing a
blind handover from WCDMA to GSM
- Audio and Video:
- Wider UDP and bandwidth ranges available in phone variant SW
- Streaming rate adaptation supported
- Interoperability improved for some servers
- Identification and playback of some streaming files identified to be
3GPP rel6 format now possible (please note that Nokia 6630 does not
support all 3GPP rel6 streaming requirements)
- Resuming of streaming after MT call improved
- Up to 2MB DRM protected files can now be set as ringing tones
- Handling of pause and play with long MP3 variable bit rate files improved
- Ringing tone playback improved in low memory situations
- Browser:
- Handling of content with multiple nested object tags improved
- Handling of underlined links improved, link visibility now better for
end user
- Handling of saved browser pages with inconsistent HTTP content-type
header and actual encoded content text type improved
- Browser memory handling improved.
- Decoding of HTML tag information when split between different TCP
packets improved
- HTTP pipelining will be set as disabled in terminal to ensure correct
display of images and other content when used with spesific content
servers (IIS 4.0, 5.0 and Netscape-Enterprise 3)
- Cookie handling on some webpages improved. ECMAScript handling changed.
- Handling of white space encoding for plug-ins changed, browser no longer
closes itself
- Table rendering improved
- Video Call:
- Video Telephony DTMF tones supported (UII messages)
- Bluetooth headset supported during VT call
- Further improvements on video call setup time implemented
- Some localisation texts updated
- Automatic access point settings updated
- PC Dialup over USB improved
- Bluetooth headset connection swapping between headset and mobile improved
- Symbian installation trust setting for Geotrust CA for UTI used for
verifying signing of midlets now set to “untrusted” instead of trusted.
- Java Audio playback improved
- MMS handling improved
- Global GCF 3G WDCMA Certification



P.S.: Die PTT Frage ist aber dennoch nicht geklärt :(