MSN Messenger upgrade für Pocket PC


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August 21, 2003 / Don´t forget to update your Microsoft smartphone or Pocket PC phone before October 15, 2003, if you wish to continue using MSN messenger program that is pre-installed in these platforms! More info follows.

Microsoft is changing its MSN instant messaging service to lock out users of third-party software that uses the service as well as users of older versions of Microsoft´s own Messenger client, the company says.

Users must upgrade to newer versions of MSN or Windows Messenger by October 15 or they will no longer be able to log on, says Sean Sundwall, a Microsoft spokesperson.
Microsoft on Monday sent e-mail alerting MSN users to upgrade. Some MSN users reported receiving a dozen or more copies of the same message, which some thought resembled a hoax or prank. The first line is all capital letters: "ATTENTION: IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED FOR MSN AND WINDOWS MESSENGER USERS."

Also, the messages warn users their IM service will be cut unless they upgrade: "NOTICE: If you are not using an updated version, you will be unable to continue using your MSN Messenger or Windows Messenger Service."