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Motorola i860 und i830


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sind die Modelle i830 und i860 nur für den amerikanischen Markt gedacht?
Und was genau bedeutet GPS-enabled? Ist das nur eine Software-Navigation anhand des Mobilfunknetzes oder echter Satelittenempfang?

Ultra compact and lightweight design -- only 3.6 ounces! Easily fits in your pocket or purse!


Direct Connect
• Direct Connect (R)--the walkie talkie service that instantly connects you to all other Nextel users-across town, across the country and now even across borders to Latin America and Canada.
65K Color Display
• Vibrant display with enhanced clarity allows you to customize your screen with downloadable wallpapers, adjustable color palettes, and choice of three font sizes.
Advanced User Interface
• Phone use is quick and easy with one-touch shortcuts to phone features, icon-driven menu and 4-way navigation with OK selection key.
• Safe, hands-free cellular conversations are always available with the built-in speakerphone.
Voice Recorder
• Capture memos or phone conversations for future playback of phone numbers, tasks, or driving directions (caller must notify other party of any call recording).
Voice Activated Dialing
• Press a button and speak to dial numbers or access features
Java Applications for i830
• Get answers at your fingertips or take a break from a hectic schedule with included applications and games. Pre-loaded applications include: Advanced Calculator, TeleNav 2.2 for audible driving direction (requires subscription), 1KTV multimedia for news (requires subscription). Games include: 3D Baseball game demo and Tetris puzzle game demo, Download more with memory for up to 2.0MB of applications and games. Visit www.nextel.com/downloads for additional applications, full game versions, details on content and download instructions.
• Book meetings, plan events, and set alarms that will automatically turn-on the phone if needed. Store a phone number or Direct Connect ID and initiate a call from a Datebook entry. Does not sync with other software programs.
• Instantly adjust more than 10 settings for different surroundings.
Airplane Mode
• Turn off network connection and use programs, games, voice record, and datebook. Check FAA rules and regulations for proper use of electronics during flight. Phone will display “Airplane Mode” while in use and display “Service Restricted Airplane Mode On”.
Wallpaper with Randomizer Feature
• Customize your phone's idle screen with your choice of hundreds of available images. Download new wallpapers directly from your phone with any Nextel Online plan, or visit www.nextel.com/downloads for additional items and download instructions. Automatically change images on your phone screen with the Wallpaper Randomizer feature.
• Notifies you of incoming phone calls, Nextel Direct Connect® calls, messages and Voice Mail without a sound
600 Contact Entries
• Store up to seven numbers for each contact (up to 600 entries)
Downloadable Ring Tones
• Use the “Downloads” menu to choose from hundreds of additional ring tones to personalize your phone, and assign unique ring tones to contacts for audible notification and caller identification during incoming calls. Phone-initiated purchases and downloads require a Nextel Online plan; visit www.nextel.com/downloads for additional instructions and information.
GPS Enabled
• Supports location-enabled applications and services
Recent Calls List
• Access the last twenty sent and received calls for quick call return or number storage
• Current date and time information anywhere on Nextel’s Network
Accessory Connector Cover
• Protect the bottom accessory connector from dust and debris with the attached cover
Walkie-Talkie Speaker & Privacy Modes
• Use the private speaker button to switch from the external speaker to the earpiece for private conversations or to minimize disruptions in quiet environments.
One-Touch Direct Connect
• Set your phone and instantly connect to the last Direct Connect call or an assigned Direct Connect contact by pressing the PTT button (also works for Group Connect).
Keypad Lock
• Prevent accidental calls by simply pressing menu and * key to lock and unlock keypad
Multiple Languages
• Change a setting to read phone menus and options in English, Spanish, and French.
Removable SIM Card
• Transfer Contacts and services to any 3-Digit Series phone

Included Accessories
• Motorola Slim Battery
• i830 Slim Battery Door
• Motorola Rapid Travel Charger
• Carry Holster with Swivel Belt Clip
Technical Specifications
• Dimensions: 3.3" (L) x 1.8" (W) x 0.80" (D)
• Weight: 3.6 oz with Standard Battery
• i830 Slim Battery
~120 Minutes of Talk Time
~55 hours of Standby

Offer expires March 31, 2005 or while supplies last. 2-yr promotional price requires 2-year service agreement. $200 early termination fee applies, after 15-day trial period (30 days in CA). Requires new activation and credit approval. Set up fee of $35 per phone, up to $70 max per account applies. Other Terms: Nextel reserves the right to modify or terminate these offers at any time. Offers may not be available in all markets. Other conditions may apply. Read service agreement for details.




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danke für die Übersetzung!

Aber ist es ein GPS Empfänger für Satelitten-Signale oder ist es ne Vorgehensweise basierend auf dem Netz und dem benutzten Sendemast (vgl. Homezone oder Handyfinder...)?