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iPhone 7 is jail breaked by 19 year kid!!


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What has not been reported about Apple's new Smarthones. The iPhone 7 models are particularly resistant to bending, they are waterproof, resistant to dust and dirt and whatnot. Above all, they should be especially safe. Apple even called the iPhone 7 even as the "best and most advanced iPhone yet".

What the manufacturers but now says about the following message says? The iPhone 7 is in fact anything but certain. As the industry journal motherboard reported a 19-year-old hacker has cracked the Smarthone - just five days after Apple has brought it to market.

According motherboard has the hacker, who is known as Qwertyoruiop in the scene, the security barrier of the iPhone 7 with the operating system iOS bypassed 10 and get the jailbreak (non-authorized removal of use restrictions) have complete control over the device. For this he will have spent more than 24 hours.

On the social platform Twitter the young IT expert, whose real name is Luca Todesco, last week has made its successful hack publicized. , The iPhone 7 is a step in the right direction ', he writes, to add self-confidently, but obviously it is not a certainty - precisely because nothing is certain.'

When does Apple vulnerability

How Qwertyoruiop alias Todesco hacked the phone, he wants to keep to himself. At least as long until Apple patched closed the security hole. Experts still agree: The 19-year-old may be the first person who has cracked the new iPhone, the last he will not stay.

Even more, the probability that this has already happened, is quite high, reported motherboard. Only that - have their root not made public, but beat out their knowledge in secret capital - unlike Qwertyoruiop. According to anonymous sources to a group of Chinese people have the iPhone 7 also been hacked. Apple are neither this nor the case before Qwertyoruiop opinions.