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Erstes Smartphone von GSL


Bekanntes Mitglied
HONG KONG and SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 15, 2003 - Group Sense (Int'l) Ltd. ("GSL, HKEx: 0601); and PalmSource, Inc., provider of the popular operating system for handhelds and smartphones, and the Palm OS® subsidiary of Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM), today welcomed the first Palm Powered™ smartphone from GSL, the Xplore G18.

The Xplore G18 is a full-featured smartphone that integrates PIM functionality, multi-media capabilities, and telephony features, in a sleek and compact form factor. The Xplore G18 runs Palm OS 4.1.2 and comes bundled with several productivity, communication and gaming applications. With integrated GPRS Class 10 GSM Dual Band, the device has a built-in 320 x 240 digital camera with digital zoom; 16 MB RAM; high quality color TFT LCD screen; and SMS / MMS support. It also features a powerful battery for 100 hours standby, Web browser, and one-handed navigation.

For the China market: "The modular architecture of Palm OS allows GSL to create differentiated products for the China market, like the Xplore G18, that expand GSL's current product offerings," said Samson Tam, Chairman of GSL. "Our collaboration with PalmSource enables us to bring innovative mobile devices to market and extend our reach into new market segments."

"The launch of the Xplore G18 from GSL marks an important milestone in the innovation and distribution of Palm Powered mobile devices in the China market," said David Nagel, president and CEO of PalmSource. "Xplore G18 extends the power and flexibility of Palm OS to enable a new generation of fully-featured Palm Powered smartphones, and opens up new opportunities for Palm OS developers and carrier partners in China."

Palm Powered smartphones have been certified by more than 50 wireless carriers worldwide, establishing the Palm OS as a leading platform for mobile devices. Palm OS is designed with an open, modular architecture to allow licensees and developers to create innovative products in a variety of sizes and form factors that deliver compelling user experiences.

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