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Developer Newsletter 12.08.2003

Stefan Fritzenkötter

Bekanntes Mitglied
FORUM NOKIA - Nokia Developer Network Newsletter - EMEA

August 12, 2003

Tools and information for the Nokia developer community

In this issue:

1. Automating Series 60 Application Testing
2. Using Mobile Devices in a Client/Server Environment
3. Events -- Java Technical Day at Nokia Developer Hub
4. New on www.forum.nokia.com
5. Developer Resources
6. Manage Your Account

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1. Automating Series 60 Application Testing

The latest version of the Nokia Testing Suite supports thorough
on-device application testing that is easier to use and more robust
than ever.

The Nokia Testing Suite consists of PC software and associated client
software for the Nokia 9200 Communicator series, the Nokia 7650 imaging
phone, the Nokia 3650 imaging phone, and for the emulators of those

Phone functions, such as receiving a Short Message Service (SMS)
message or a phone call while an application is running on the test
device, can be tested with an additional GSM device.

The product features:

- Easy-to-use script language and an XML format
- Advanced visual scripting and recording-based script creation
- Multiple scripts in the same project
- Adjustable running speed and memory allocation
- Logging of executed scripts and recording of keypresses during testing
- The ability to connect devices to the PC using Bluetooth

Nokia Testing Suite 1.2 is available for Windows 2000/NT.

Download it now http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,jldt,jkgs,24ql,g7nr

The Nokia Testing Suite is also a key part of preparation and approval
for Nokia OK certification, allowing developers to test their
applications before submitting them to the testing house. For more
information on the certification process and how the Nokia Testing
Suite fits in, see

2. Using Mobile Devices in a Client/Server Environment

While many mobile handset applications can run without interacting with
external resources, a growing number of applications will follow the
client/server model.

Forum Nokia's two-part series, "Optimizing Client/Server Communication
for Mobile Applications," discusses mobile application development
issues for this architecture.

Part 1 begins by pointing out some of the typical client/server
communication problems and goes on to compare the various protocols
that can be used for developing distributed applications. It includes a
demonstration of how to use a supplementary abstraction layer between
the transport protocol and the application to build a flexible,
optimized architecture.

Part 2 provides a working example that shows how to use XML-RPC, the
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), or a text-based proprietary
protocol in this framework.

Optimizing the Client/Server Communication for Mobile Applications
Part 1 http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,b1ze,gnwk,24ql,g7nr

Optimizing the Client/Server Communication for Mobile Applications
Part 2 http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,59ug,fxgm,24ql,g7nr

3. Events -- Java Technical Day at Nokia Developer Hub ============================================================

On August 20, the Nokia Developer Hub in Helsinki, Finland, is hosting
a Java(TM) Technical Day focusing on games. Come hear speakers
on game-related APIs, MIDI playback, and mobile game states. Also
hear the game developer's point of view from two successful
commercial game developers. The day finishes with time for onsite
programming and technical support, so bring your laptop.

The event is free, though it carries a penalty fee for late

Get more information about the event http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,c3qd,gcto,24ql,g7nr

Register http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,266b,ielw,24ql,g7nr

4. New on www.forum.nokia.com

* Documents

- Java(TM)

JavaOne Report: A Mobile Game Developer's Perspective
Read a report on presentations given at this year's JavaOne
conference that are of interest to mobile game developers. The
report includes sample code illustrating how a game framework
changes from Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 1.0 to
MIDP 2.0. http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,fu5p,2ehf,24ql,g7nr

- Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Content Download and OMA Forward-Lock Examples
A demo application shows different ways to download Java(TM) 2
Platform, Micro Edition [J2ME(TM)] and generic contents to mobile
phones. The document demonstrates how the J2ME Over the Air (OTA)
Download, Nokia COD Download, OMA Download, and OMA Forward-lock
specifications are used. http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,jtzj,j4p5,24ql,g7nr

- Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

Nokia 31 GSM Connectivity Terminal Technical Specification v2.2 Learn about the technical characteristics of the Nokia 31 GSM
Connectivity Terminal. The product hardware specifications, interfaces,
and other technical specifications are covered in detail. http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,fa,kotb,24ql,g7nr

Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal User's Guide for Modem Use Issue 2 http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,9ppe,g9n3,24ql,g7nr

Nokia 30 GSM Connectivity Terminal Product Guide Version 3.0 Get an overview of the product concept, features, functionality,
accessories, and more in this product specification document. http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,4sf5,eelu,24ql,g7nr

- Series 60 Platform

Programming Games for Series 60
Read an introduction to programming games in C++ for the Series 60
Platform. http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,ibte,hcsv,24ql,g7nr

- Browsing/WAP

Next-Generation Mobile Browsing White Paper
This white paper focuses on WAP 2.0 mobile browsing. It covers
the evolution of mobile browsing, the business potential for and
opportunities presented by mobile browsing, and fundamental business
models. http://www.uptilt.com/ct.html?s=7za,37kq,alk,ajtd,5gq6,24ql,g7nr

5. Developer Resources

Find Nokia's developer tools and resources for technologies such as
XHTML, WAP, Java(TM), Symbian OS, Multimedia Message Service (MMS),
and Bluetooth.

Developer Discussion Boards: