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Again, Quiksilver held their bowlriders event in Malmo, Sweden in the Stapelbaddsparken skatepark; nonetheless, they bumped it back a few different types of skateboards this year due to the inclement weather encountered.

Instead of freezing rain and overcast skies, we'd temperatures overpowering the opponents and sunburns' warmth olerances throughout the bunch. THIS WAS MY THIRD TRIP to Malmo, and every time it gets better.

The natives, Jon Magnusson, Leon, the doctor, and Pontus Alv always be certain to show us a time that is fantastic.

He still managed to make it out although Jon was pretty busy running the skateshop, groundskeeping the skatepark, and coordinating other things Malmo for the list of people. Leon down to push anybody needed a ride round town--a significant thing once the price of renting a car for a weekend would be equivalent to a month's rent from the States.

Pontus has a few new creation. Along with the assistance of Leon, lots of people found themselves skating his DIY spots the contest's commotion must be too much. Now it competition for the majority of the guys. It is sad to see it turn out this way, but the protocol was unavoidable.

I suppose the proliferation of skateparks around the world make it less appealing to fly to Sweden and take a few dozen runs in one pit, whilst in the same amount of time--and a whole lot less money--you can skate dozens of parks across the northeast US. how to know what size skateboard to get

It's just more fun than duke it out with dozens to skate parks that are vacant with a team.The semi-finals watched an even mix of young and old. Mattias Nylen, Vince DeValle, Ross McGouran, Allan Mesquita, and Chris Cudlip kept the veterans on their toes, while Rune Glifberg, Nicky Guerrero, Alain Goikoetxea, Casper Plass, Daniel Cardone, Andy Scott, and Malmo local John Magnusson revealed the younger men how it's done.

So Duncan made the announcement, and people who had not advanced to the finals -- Reategui, and combined with legends Salba Ngoho--lit up the bowl. Div Adams and Jimmy the Greek left off with a substantial portion of the cash given out, which probably went to the costly price of alcohol (proof of socialized healthcare).

The end stairs were a popular barrier to foundation tricks. Div started off it with a 5-0 to fakie over. Midway the old lipslide roster withdrew in. At the end, Cardone frontside flipped the fucking thing.

About a minute in, Rune stuck the Indy twist at the first move, which pretty much set the benchmark for the type of skating which could win. Jon Magnusson would casually cruise through the park, hitting each nook and cranny and creating the lines appear simple.

Alain Goikoetxea combined tranny and street skills into ollie to nosepicks on the extensions, and even threw a hurricane to fakie on the wall across the loveseat. Ross McGouran tweaked a lien that looked like a melon fakie the last minute, when it would turn in to forward. Nicky Guerrero revealed what its like to skate for almost two decades, and the top six were rounded out by Mattias Nylen.

Once the results were declared, it wasn't any real surprise to see Rune initially, neighborhood Jon Magnusson in second, and Alain in third. At this time, you can really go claiming some type of hometown hero advantage thing, unless you're there -- and you may.

Magnusson skated the park the very best that it could be skated. No, he didn't have that one move that he'd replicate throughout the contest solid, smooth skating, and making use of the park.

He's got the benefit of skating it everyday, and he can, but as he explained on the podium, "I understand the experts have a deep bag of tricks that they keep pulling out new stuff out of since the event nears the finals." It's humbling for sure, but likely not as humbling as needing to clean up all that confetti and champagne. what size of skateboard should i get
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