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6100: Firmware 4.70 vs. 4.01 - was ist jetzt besser geworden?


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Hallo zusammen,

nun hat auch das 6100 also seine neue Firmware-Version 4.70 bekommen und alle sind begeistert, dass nun endlich endlich die Uhr im Bildschirmschoner besser zu lesen ist.

Mir persönlich ist die Uhr völlig egal. Aber es interessiert mich schon, was denn v4.70 nun im einzelnen besser kann als v4.01? Sind nennenswerte Bugs behoben worden? Gibt es neue Funktionalitäten?

Bitte um Info und Danke im Voraus.


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Hm. Kann schon sein. Da war doch noch was. Ach ja:

Changes/improvements made from MCU SW version 4.01 to version 4.70:

- Call and network management:
- Call divert icon will be removed from the display when the SIM card has been changed
- Default settings value is used in Closed User Group (CUG) when new SIM card is inserted to the phone
- When ending an Integrated Handsfree Call to a voice mailbox with ‘*’ (possible with some mailboxes) the audio is routed back to the earpiece
- Lights are now switched on, when incoming call comes from a number which belongs to a caller group
- Voice mailbox number can now be stored in the “call forwarding to voice mailbox” settings menu (when not previously already store in the phone)
- Up to 100 entries in the Operator PLMN List (OPL) supported
- Maximum length of a picture message reduced from 4 to 3 short messages.
- SMS alert tone can be muted for class 0 messages
- There is an improvement to the way we handle Class 2 SMS messages under memory full conditions – this improvement moves non-Class 2 message from the SIM onto the phone of an arrival of new Class 2 message
- Extended telephone numbers (e.g. +49…732*123) can now be used from the phonebook. (SMS number extension)
- Browser:
- Support for png and jpg images
- Possible to select digit input mode when editing title of WAP bookmark
- Applications:
- Converter version updated (1.7)
- World Clock II updated
- World Clock II pre-installed Midlet now include Israel as a preset country
- Sort of city names corrected for languages; Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Czech, Hungarian, Icelandic, Latvian, Slovak, Spanish US, Arabic and Chinese Hong Kong
- Java:
- WAP connection after MIDlet download is closed automatically
- Application specific WAP setting selection included.
- “Web Page” link added to application Options list
- SIM:
- With certain SIM cards there were problems in service table reading for call control, which is now improved
- Call control USSD will be sent as SS strings with certain SIM cards which do not support USSD
- CPHS feature: The terminal is able to read the alpha tag identifier of the Voicemail file from the SIM (6F17)
- Ringing Tones and Vibra lost improvements
- The pre-installed monophonic ringing tones "Low" and "Trepak" are replaced by the monophonic tones Groove and RingRing. The reason is that Low and Trepak are also preset as polyphonic tones
- Leap day taken into account in timed profiles
- OTA operator logos are also shown, when info field or expiration date is used
- The mono headset HS-10 is supported.
- The headset (HS-2R) is supported
- The PC Suite 5.1 is supported
- Names of colour schemes are now localized in all languages
- The ignition sense signal is now supported in the car kit
- Operator name list updated



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Ich die teilweise misserable Sprachqualität, trotz optimalem Empfang wurde auch verbessert....

Gruß lou